Wolverine Consulting Group

What We Are and What We Do

Wolverine Consulting Group provides consulting services for student organizations on campus. By working constructively with student organizations, our mission is to aid these groups in achieving their full potential. To do this we offer consulting in a couple of broad areas (that we hope to continue to expand) such as Finance and Fundraising, Leadership and Organizational Structure, and Marketing and Brand Management. To do this our consultants work closely with the leaders of student organizations to understand problem areas, offer solutions, and oversee the implementation of those changes. If your group is looking for some help, please fill out our Group Form here.

Interested in Being a Consultant?

We are looking for students with a passion for helping others, a history of involvement in student organizations (both in college and high school), and expertise in any of our consulting areas or another area you believe to be relevant. If you meet the above criteria please apply here.

Have additional questions?

If you have questions around Wolverine Consulting Group, getting involved, or the services provided please feel free to email wolverineconsultingexec@umich.edu!