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Winter 2018 UEC Opinions & Other Documents

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Winter 2017 UEC Opinions & Other Documents

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Previous UEC Opinions/Briefs/Transcripts

Winter 2016

Official Results

Results Report
Results Spreadsheet 

Pearlman v. Motola et al.

UEC-W-2016-037 & UEC-W-2016-039

Campaign Finance Filings

All Filings

In Re Petition of NewMich


In Re Petition of Your Michigan


Consolidated Demerit

Pearlman v. Ambrose

Pearlman v. Bayley

Pearlman v. Bydalek

Pearlman v. Zekelman

In Re Petition of Joseph Ambrose


Third Party Spending Opinion


Fall 2015

Election Results and Reports

Campaign Finance Report

Election Results

Election Results for LSA and Rackham

Pearlman v. Houghton et al.


In Re Petition of John Lin        


An Opinion Concerning Section (G)(1)(b) of the Election Code  


Winter 2015

UEC Opinion W-15-001-3 (Lin v. Campbell et al.)

UEC-2015-W-002 (Brenner v. George)

UEC-2015-W-003 (Make Michigan v. The Team)

AG UEC Opinion 2015-W-004 (Make Michigan v. Petch)

         UEC-2015-W-005 (Make Michigan v. The Team et al. II)

         UEC-2015-W-006 (Make Michigan v. The Team et al. III)

         UEC-2015-W-007 & 009 (Email Harvesting Decision)

Winter 2014

Mandatory Candidates Meeting Violation (Keeney v. Abbas, et al.)

UEC Election Complaint 1 through 38

Evidence (sign-in sheet)

UEC- 2014-W-ConsolidatedDemeritsOpinion


UEC-2014-W-021 through 022

UEC- 2014-W-015 (Keeney v. Kaminer)

UEC- 2014-W-009 (Keeney v. Garthus)

UEC- 2014-W-040 (Make Michigan v. ForUM et al.)

UEC- 2014-W-041 (Richards v. DAAP et al.)

UEC- 2014-W-042 (Fernandez v. ForUM et al.)

Fall 2013

UEC Election Complaint

UEC- 2013-F-001 (Keeney v. Molnar)

UEC- 2013-F-002 (Keeney v. Scevers)

UEC- 2013-F-003 (Keeney v. McLaughlin)

UEC- 2013-F-004 (Keeney v. Abbas)

Winter 2013


UEC- 2013-W-002 (youMich v. Osborn)


youMICH brief to CSJ

Winter 2012

UEC- 2012-W-02


UEC- 2012-W-009

UEC 2012-W-09 transcript

Respondent Brief- Parikh

CSJ-F-2011-002-1 (Mandell)

Petitioner Brief- Keeney

Petitioner Brief on remand

Fall 2011