University Council

The University Council is composed of a representative from each degree granting institution’s student government at the University of Michigan. The University Council meets to discuss and debate campus issues, propose and vote on legislation for the betterment of the University community, hear the concerns of constituents, and collaborate on initiatives.

Meetings of the University Council are chaired by the President of the Council who also serves as the Vice President of Central Student Government.

The University Council serves to collectively represent the student voice at the University and to make decisions for the Central Student Government in a deliberative manner. There is one student from each degree granting institution, making the Council 19 students, not including the President of the Council. A student organization with more than 400 members may sit on the Council in an ex-officio capacity by providing a listserv and recent email that demonstrates the size of the organization.

University Council meetings take place every other Monday evening at 9:00pm in the Central Student Government Chambers, located within the CSG’s office space at 3909 Michigan Union. The meetings are open to the public.


 A representative from the following student governments of their respective degree granting institutions compose the University Council:

  • Architectural Representative Committee (ARC), Architecture & Urban Planning
  • Society for Art Students (SAS), Art & Design
  • Ross School of  Business Student Government Association (Ross SGA), Ross School of Business
  • Schoolwide Student Council, Dentistry Education
  • Engineering Student Government (ESG), Engineering
  • Rackham Student Government (RSG), Rackham 
  • School of Information Master’s Association (SIMA), Information
  • Kinesiology Student Government (KSG), Kinesiology 
  • Law School Student Senate (LSSS), Law
  • Literature, Science, & the Arts Student Government (LSASG) Literature, Science, and the Arts
  • Medicine
  • Collaborative Student Assembly, Music, Theater, & Dance
  • School of Natural Resources and the Environment Student Government (SNRE Student Gov), Natural Resources and the Environment
  • Nursing Student Government (NSG), Nursing
  • Pharmacy Student Government Council (PSGC), Pharmacy
  • Public Health Student Assembly, Public Health
  • Undergraduate Council, Public Policy
  • School of Social Work Student Union (SSWSU), Social Work

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