CSG-Sponsored Events (Executive and Assembly-run events):

In accordance with the 6th Assembly’s passage of A.R. 6-033, all CSG-Sponsored events held on campus will now be held as Zero Waste Events, when possible. If you are hosting an event with food that requires utensils and dishware, please submit a request for free compostable supplies on the Student Sustainability Initiative’s (SSI) Website here: http://sustainability.umich.edu/ssi/zero-waste. SSI also provides training on how to run a zero waste event. Please note that if your event is being catered by MDining or Michigan Catering, you can work directly with them to make your event Zero Waste, rather than requesting supplies from SSI. Please only submit a request if you have already reached out but still require additional materials. Thank you in advance for your helping us make CSG and our campus more sustainable!

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to csg.contact@umich.edu