Mental Health Taskforce Official Report


Student mental health remains one of the most important issues not just at the University of Michigan, but around the country. Central Student Government (CSG), Active Minds at the University of Michigan, and the Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS), among other student organizations and UM departments, are committed to ensuring that this priority does not waver. As we go about advocating for additional and innovative mental health services, we would like to hear about your own experiences, comments, thoughts, and suggestions.

In collaboration with these groups and units, we commissioned The Mental Health Taskforce (MHTF). The MHTF is entering its second year on campus, and is looking for new membership. If you are dedicated to the causes surrounding mental health and well-being on this campus, fill this form out to be considered for MHTF.

For some more background, we started by sending out mental health surveys to the faculty and the student body to assess opinion on classroom climate and university resources relating to mental health. MHTF was then commissioned in November 2016. The MHTF analyzed the results of three campus-wide surveys to assess faculty and student opinion on classroom climate and university resources relating to mental health. The MHTF developed 13 policy and program recommendations after analyzing the data.

The analysis of the surveys and the recommendations are presented in the Mental Health Taskforce Official Report, which can be viewed here: Mental Health Taskforce – 2017 Official Report

The appendices for the report can be viewed here: 
Appendix I – Executive Order

Appendix II – Resource Innovation Survey

Appendix III – Classroom Climate Student Survey

Appendix IV – Classroom Climate Faculty Survey

Appendix V – MHTF Town Hall Presentation

Appendix VI – Mental Health First Year Experience Course Proposal