On Wednesday, September 21, 2016, CSG released two reports that assessed the demographics of student government members. One report compares the demographics between CSG and the University of Michigan as a whole, and the other compares the demographics of LSA Student Government, Engineering Student Government, and CSG with those of the University. These two reports are part of CSG’s ongoing effort to increase transparency.

“Diversity is critical to ensuring that as a governing body, we are representative of every student on campus. With this in mind, we commissioned the first-ever CSG general and Student Government Demographic Reports. We look forward to analyzing the results of the report and conceptualizing ways in which we can better represent our various constituencies,” said President David Schafer.

The confidential, anonymous surveys used to gather data for these reports were collected between September 12th and 16th. The response rate was 95%.  By providing an understanding of the demographics of those currently serving in student government, CSG is hopeful that this will inspire students to get involved with CSG to ensure their voices are heard.

2018-2019 Report

Central Student Government Demographic Report 2018-2019

2017-2018 Report

Central Student Government Demographic Report 2017-2018

2016 – 2017 Reports

Central Student Government Demographic Report

Student Government Demographic Report