Bystander Training FAQ

Bystander Intervention Training Policy FAQ + Answers

If I am an authorized signer for more than one organization, will my attendance transfer for all?

  • Yes! Please indicate this during the pre-session questionnaire, so we can indicate your dual-role.

I am not an authorized signer but interested in attending – can I come? 

  • Yes! At minimum, two authorized signers from each organization should attend a session, but the sessions are not limited to only signers.

What will these trainings cover / who will lead these trainings?

  • SAPAC and Wolverine Wellness peer educators will lead these trainings. Bystander Intervention and Community Engagement trainings seek to educate about sexual misconduct on our campus and strategies to be a proactive bystander. The trainings aim to empower communities to take responsibility for the safety of others and give them the tools to do so.

I have attended a similar training session. Will that count towards my attendance? 

  • No, these trainings are designed specifically in regard to your identity as a student leader. Additionally, they include a greater focus on alcohol and other drug misuse (AOD) and prevention than similarly styled trainings.

My organization is requesting less than $1,000. Can I still come? 

  • Yes! These sessions are required for organizations requesting $1,000 or more, but open to all. SOFC and CSG would encourage all student organizations to attend the training as a precautionary measure to ensure that you could claim more than $1,000 during the semester, should the need arise.

Can I apply for more than $1,000 even if I haven’t attended a training yet?

  • Yes. Training attendance only affects a student organization’s ability to claim more than $1,000 by the receipt deadline.

How will I prove my attendance at the Bystander Intervention trainings?

  • The trainings will track attendance using your M-Card or student ID number.

Will anything change about the way I apply for SOFC funding?

  • No. The only aspect of the process that will change is the requisites for claiming funds. Now, while also submitting proper proof of payment, SOFC must have record of 2 authorized signers attending one of the Bystander Intervention trainings in order to claim more than $1,000.

How long will the Bystander Intervention trainings last?

  • Each session is scheduled for two hours, but will likely last around 90 minutes.

Do both authorized signers have to attend the same training, or can they be on different dates?

  • It is preferred that authorized signers from the same organization attend the same training. Additionally, it is important to note that both authorized signers must attend a training before their organization’s receipt deadline.