Student Organization Funding Commission (SOFC)

The Student Organization Funding Commission (SOFC) is the funding body of the Central Student Government. For Winter 2017 semester, all receipts dated between December 5, 2016 and April 7, 2017 are currently eligible for reimbursement. CSG-SOFC operates on an exclusively reimbursement basis. Below you will find a link to our online application as well as the reimbursement form. Before officially submitting a form, carefully read our funding processes and policies found on the first few pages of the application. You may only submit one application per wave.

Anyone unfamiliar with the SOFC processes is strongly encouraged to contact us, ask questions, and visit one of our Chair’s office hours. Office hours are held in the CSG office 3909B on the third floor of the Michigan Union. All questions regarding CSG-SOFC funding may be directed to Office hours are as follows:


The deadlines for each wave and the corresponding Proof of Payment Deadline can be found below.

Screen Shot 2017-01-11 at 4.11.43 PM.png

***NOTE: Please be aware of the receipt deadlines for each wave. If you cannot provide receipts by the given Proof of Payment Deadline, please apply in a wave which would better fit your receipts.

Please find the SOFC Funding Application below.                                                                                   *** You must be logged in to your UMich email address in order to access and fill the form. If the application does not prompt you, please double check***

  • The Wave 9 Funding Application will be available Monday, March 27th

*Please note: future wave applications will be available soon

Only after you receive an official award notice from SOFC will you then complete and submit the reimbursement form before your respective receipt deadline.

NOTE: Please combine all receipts into 1 PDF file and title receipts as  “Wave#_’StudentOrgName’_SOASProjectGrantCode_Receipt”
          Example: Wave4_SOFC_U12345_Receipt

New Bystander Intervention Training Policy

All student organizations that intend to claim more than $1,000 next Winter 2017 semester from SOFC must have two of their authorized signers attend a Bystander Intervention training facilitated by SAPAC and Wolverine WellnessThis training requirement must be completed prior to the respective proof of payment submission deadline if your organization is to claim more than $1,000.

Take for example Org A and Org B. Org A and Org B have both been awarded $1,500 and have submitted proper proof of payment. Org A has fulfilled the Bystander Intervention training requirement prior to the proof of payment deadline, whereas Org B has not. Org A will receive a claim of $1,500 while Org B’s claim will be limited to $1,000.

There are 9 trainings being offered from January to April 2017. For all organizations that know they are likely to claim more than $1,000 from SOFC next semester, we highly recommend completing the training requirement early on to avoid any potential problems.
You can register to attend a Bystander Intervention training session through CSG’s Maize Pages using this link. Login to your UM account by clicking “Sign In” on the top-right of the page, navigate back to CSG’s Maize Pages & Event Calendar (re-open the above link), and select a session to RSVP to. In the “Comments” section of your RSVP, write-in your student organization’s name you are attending on behalf of.

Click here for Bystander Intervention Training Policy FAQ + Answers

NOTE: SOFC is aware that the final Bystander Intervention Training scheduled for March 21st is full and is working with CSG, SAPAC, and Wolverine Wellness to coordinate an additional session. 

If you are interested in other forms of funding across campus, find a list here.

Happy Funding,