Student Org Funding (SOFC)

The Student Organization Funding Commission (SOFC) is the funding body of the Central Student Government. For Fall 2016 semester, all receipts dated between August 29th, 2016 and December 2nd, 2016 are currently eligible for reimbursement. CSG-SOFC operates on an exclusively reimbursement basis. Below you will find a link to our online application as well as the reimbursement form. Before officially submitting a form, carefully read our funding processes and policies found on the first few pages of the application.

Anyone unfamiliar with the SOFC processes is strongly encouraged to contact us, ask questions, and visit one of our Chair’s office hours. Office hours are held in the CSG office 3909B on the third floor of the Michigan Union. All questions regarding CSG-SOFC funding may be directed to Office hours are as follows:

Laura Zeiler: Thursdays 3:30 – 4:30PM

Kevin Yang: Mondays 2:30 – 3:30PM

JonMarco Cloutier: Wednesdays 12 – 1PM & Fridays 11 – 12PM

Kohlton Johnson: Tuesdays 3 – 4PM

All application wave deadlines are due Fridays by 5PM. The deadlines for each wave are listed below.

  1. September 16th
  2. September 23rd
  3. September 30th
  4. October 7th
  5. October 21st
  6. October 28th
  7. November 4th
  8. November 11th
  9. November 18th

Equally as important are the 3 receipt deadlines due Fridays by 5PM. Receipt deadlines are listed below.

  • Waves 1-3 due October 7th
  • Waves 4-6 due November 4th
  • Waves 7-9 due December 2nd


Only after you receive an official award notice from SOFC will you then complete and submit the reimbursement form before your respective receipt deadline.


Happy Funding,