Central Student Government allocates no less than 48% of its budget to the Student Organization Funding Committee (SOFC). SOFC is the only student organization funding grant available to all colleges within the University of Michigan and is accessible to both undergraduate and graduate students.

Registered student organizations with the Center for Campus Involvement may receive up to $10,000 in reimbursement for both Fall and Winter semesters. SOFC has nine waves of funding applications for both Fall and Winter semester. Visit our webpage to access funding applications & schedule, funding & proof of payment policies, receipt forms, office hours, and application tips!

A registered student organization (voluntary or sponsored) must satisfy the following conditions before applying for funding:

  • Officially registered with the University though the Center for Campus Involvement.
  • Maintain an active and valid SOAS account.
  • Provide two SOAS authorized signers.

SOFC allocates funds on a reimbursement basis. RSOs must submit valid proof of payment in order to claim awarded funds via reimbursement. All funds are transferred directly to the RSO’s SOAS account. All proof of payment considered for reimbursement must be submitted before the appropriate proof of payment deadline. Any amount of reimbursement is contingent upon the submission of valid receipts that are also consistent with items detailed in the approved funding application.

All student organizations that intend to claim more than $1,000 must have two of their authorized signers attend a Bystander Intervention Training facilitated by SAPAC and Wolverine Wellness. This training requirement must be completed prior to the respective proof of payment submission deadline in which your organization is to exceed $1,000 in semester claims.

If you have any questions, you can contact csgfunding@umich.edu which is monitored daily or visit SOFC Chairs during their office hours – listed at https://csg.umich.edu/funding/

A brief overview of the funding process:

  1. Funding application – visit csg.umich.edu/funding to submit an application
  2. Application review – SOFC review committees discuss the applications submitted, deliberate, and arrive at a funding award decision
  3. Funding award – Your organization will receive a detailed funding award via email on the Monday directly following the respective wave deadline.
  4. Submit receipts – Your organization must upload proof of payment online within three weeks of the respective deadline to receive reimbursement.
  5. SOAS deposit – If valid receipts are submitted, expect your claim to be deposited into your student organization’s SOAS account in 7-10 business days.