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SOFC is recruiting!

Apply online at by Wednesday, March 18th at 11:59pm. Interviews will be held on Friday, March 20th. New members recruited this semester will join us full time in Fall 2015.

Please email if you have any questions regarding SOFC or the recruitment process.

We look forward to reviewing your application soon!


Student organization funding for the Winter 2015 Semester is now open.

To join our CTools site in order to submit your funding application online, please visit:

Please see the Funding Application for our policies and procedures. 

Office Hours for SOFC Chairs: 

Laurel Ruza- Tuesdays- Tuesday 12:00 noon- 1:00pm

Michael Budros- Wednesday 1:30pm-2:30pm

Kevin Ziegler- Tuesdays- 1:00-2:00pm

Adam Waggoner- Friday 11:30-12:30

Reimbursement Receipts/Documents:

For all student organizations that have applied for and were awarded funding for the Winter 2014 Semester, all Central Student Government (CSG) funding operates on a reimbursement basis. Student organizations applying for CSG funding must be prepared to pay for approved expenses and submit reimbursement documents to CSG to retrieve their awarded reimbursement to their SOAS account.

Receipt Deadlines, due at 5:00pm on the dates below:

Receipt Deadline A-D: February 23rd

Receipt Deadline E-G: March 30th

Receipt Deadline H-J: April 20th

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Summer Funding: 

Where is the Central Student Government (CSG) Office located?
Third floor of the Michigan Union, Room 3909. 
Is there a limit for how much money I can apply for?
Is there a limit for how much money I can receive?
Yes, student organizations are limited to receiving a maximum of $10,000 from SOFC per semester. 
When are receipts due?

Receipts are due on the deadline that corresponds to the wave that your organization applied for. 

Receipt Deadline A-D: February 23rd at 5:00pm 

Receipt Deadline E-G: March 30th at 5:00pm 

Receipt Deadline H-J: April 20th at 5:00pm

I received an award email, how do I get my money?
In order for money to be transferred to your SOAS account, you must fill out a reimbursement form and attach copy of pertinent receipts. You can pick up reimbursement forms at the kiosk in the CSG office.
What are items people usually get funding for?
·   Posters and flyers / advertising (not in the newspaper)
·   Production costs
·   Office supplies for specific events that will be “used up”
·   Art supplies for specific events that will be “used up”
·   Banners and signage 
·   Room/facility rentals
·   Equipment rentals (electronic, sports, etc.)
·   Table/podium rental and items from SORC
·   Food for events, under special circumstances
·   Mileage and other travel-related expenses
·   Vehicle rental
·   Registration for events
·   Catering services (but not the food portion of it)
·   Performance services (bands, DJs, etc.)
What can I definitely NOT get funding for?
Club sports registration fees to Rec Sports, alcohol, tobacco, firearms, speeding tickets, Festifall and Winterfest registration fees. Please read the Initial Funding Application for more information regarding SOFC funding guidelines.
How long will it take to receive reimbursements after I submit receipts?
About two (2) weeks. We attempt to process reimbursement forms as quickly as possible, but once we have processed the reimbursement form, it can take SOAS more than five (5) business days to complete the funds transfer. 
I was awarded funding, what can I spend it on?
You will be reimbursed up to the amount indicated in your award email, but this is restricted to the specific line items on your application keeping in mind further restrictions noted in said email.
Can I apply for funding from other sources?
Yes. We always encourage people to seek out multiple sources of funding, but it is not mandatory.
Can I email SOFC application materials?
No. We are not allowed to accept applications or materials via email. All forms must be submitted directly to the CSG office or on our Ctools Site.
What is the University of Michigan policy on the use of University funds?
Please visit the following website to review the policy:

For Assistance:

SOFC is happy to answer any questions you may have and to assist you through the funding processes. You may email us at

Additional Funding Sources:

There are a variety of offices and departments on campus that are willing to help fund student organization-sponsored events. Please visit the following website for a list of sources


The Student Organization Funding Commission requires student organizations receiving funding to include the Central Student Government logo on relevant publicity materials, when possible (i.e. when a funding request is approved before publicity materials go to print). CSG logos can be found below.

CSG Seal

CSG Wordmark

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