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Often times, students go abroad hoping to bring something back from their travels: a lesson about life, a reevaluation of their own beliefs, or a better understanding of the ways of the world. What Take U-M Abroad aims to do is modify this attitude. The question no longer is what can I bring back from my international experience, but rather what can I bring to it. Studying at the University of Michigan equips students with the necessary skills to impact change not only in the immediate world around them, but also in the global community. What better opportunity presents itself to utilize those invaluable skills than putting them to the test during an international education experience?

This program is looking for highly motivated students who are desirous to make an impact during their time abroad. Essentially, students must define what UM means to them, and then pack a little part of that to bring with them when they travel abroad.
Program Information:
Applications are due by December 20 via email to Nicole Mott at nmmott@umich.edu.
If you have any questions, please contact Nicole Mott at nmmott@umich.edu.

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