Current Commissions: Student Organization Funding Commission (SOFC), Student Health & Safety Commission (SHSC), Campus Climate Commission (C3), Community Improvement & Engagement Commission (CIEC), Bicentennial Commission, The Wolverine Consulting Group (WCG), Academic Affairs Commission (AAC), Research & Polling Commission (R&P)


Student Organization Funding Commission (SOFC)

Chairs:  Nicco Beltramo (

Central Student Government’s Student Organization Funding Commission (SOFC) serves as the primary funding body for student organizations on the University of Michigan’s campus. SOFC typically awards over $400,000 to more than 250 student organizations every academic year to support student organizations on campus.

For complete details on the funding process, visit our Commission page at

Student Health & Safety (SHSC)

Chair: Merissa Maccani (

Meeting: Tuesdays at 6:00 PM, CSG Conference Room H

The Student Health & Safety Commission (SHSC) works to enhance student mental, physical, and emotional wellness and safety on campus. Five primary areas of focus include: mental health, sexual assault awareness, physical safety, physical health, and sexual health. The commission works closely with the Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS), Wolverine Wellness, University Health Services (UHS), and the Division of Public Safety and Security (DPSS), among other UM departments and divisions. The objective is to increase awareness of various aspects of personal well-being and advocate for a diverse set of student issues pertaining to the health and safety of our student body.

The following subcommissions are housed within SHSC:

(a) Mental Health Subcommission

(b) Sexual Health Subcommission

(c) Physical Health Subcommission

Campus Climate (C3)

Chair: Ricardo Hernandez (

The Campus Climate Commission (C3) oversees multiple ongoing projects centered on issues of equity on campus, with a focus on racial, LGBTQ+, and gender equity (however, work within this commission is not limited to these descriptions). The team that coordinates with students and on-campus organizations that already engage in work in these areas, as well as developing and executing original programs/projects in tandem with ongoing student organizing efforts.

The following subcommissions are housed within C3:

(a) Racial Equity Subcommission

(b) LGBTQ+ Equity Subcommission

(c) Gender Equity Subcommission

Community Improvement & Engagement (CIEC)

Chair: Megan Van Ermen (

The Community Improvement & Engagement Commission (CIEC) oversees multiple ongoing projects focused on how the University of Michigan engages with our campus community and neighboring communities. The team coordinates with ongoing work in the Subcommission areas as well as developing and executing original programs/projects for the Commission.

The following subcommissions are housed within the CIEC:

(a) Detroit Engagement Subcommission

(b) Campus Accessibility Subcommission

(c) Sustainability Subcommission

(d) Government Relations Subcommission

Bicentennial Commission

Chair: Irene Kwon (

Meeting: Mondays at 7 PM, CSG Conference Room G

The Bicentennial Commission will continue to direct CSG’s efforts and contributions toward the University’s Bicentennial celebration, which will run during the 2017 calendar year. This Commission will only exist during the Fall 2017 semester. 

Academic Affairs (AAC)

Chair: Pragya Thakur (

Meeting: Fridays at 6:30 PM, CSG Conference Room G

The Academic Affairs Commission (AAC) will focus on university-wide curriculum policy and structural changes. The Commission will be responsible for conducting audits of curricula across schools and colleges, collecting student input on relevant academic issues, and providing recommendations to the Executive Committee on ways to address these issues.

Wolverine Consulting Group (WGC)

Chair: Andrea Lum (

Meeting: Tuesdays at 8 PM, CSG Conference Room G

The Wolverine Consulting Group Commission provides consulting services for student organizations on campus. By working constructively with student organizations, they will aid these groups in achieving their full potential. The consultants will work closely with the leaders of student organizations to understand problem areas, offer solutions, and oversee the implementation of appropriate changes. The Commission shall offer consulting services in three main areas: Finance, Leadership and Organizational Structure, and Marketing/Brand Management.

Research & Polling (R&P)

Chair: Lloyd Shatkin (

Meeting: Sundays at 7 PM,  CSG Conference Room G

The Research & Polling Commission (R&P) is a new Commission that will focus on collecting, interpreting, and presenting important data. In the interest of fostering a CSG in which decision-making is data-driven, the Chair of R&P will work closely with the leadership of both the Executive Committee and the Assembly to ensure that projects are supported by and beneficial to the student body, and to ensure that proposals brought before University administrators are well-researched and supported by the student body.