Current Commissions: Student Organization Funding Commission (SOFC), Sustainability, Health & Safety, Infrastructure, Campus Life, Diversity & Inclusion, Community & Outreach, Bicentennial, Wolverine Consulting Group (WCG)


Executive Commission Report Summaries 

February 19th Commissions Summary

January 29th Commissions Summary

December 11th Commissions Summary

November 20th Commissions Summary

October 30th Commissions Summary

October 9th Commissions Summary


Student Organization Funding Commission (SOFC)

Chair: Kevin Yang ( or

Central Student Government’s Student Organization Funding Commission (SOFC) serves as the primary funding body for student organizations on the University of Michigan’s campus. SOFC awards over $400,000 to more than 250 student organizations every academic year, and it has over $200,000 in funds available during the Winter 2017 semester to support student organizations on campus.

For complete details on the funding process, visit our Commission page at

SOFC February 19th Report

SOFC January 29th Report

SOFC December 11th Report

SOFC November 20th Report

SOFC October 30th Report

SOFC October 9th Report


Chair: Jayson Toweh (

The Sustainability Commission advocates for more environmentally friendly and sustainable practices and policies within CSG and around campus. This commission will be responsible for developing partnerships with sustainability-focused student organizations in order to establish a coordinated effort to improve campus sustainability.

Sustainability February 19th Report

Sustainability January 29th Report

Sustainability December 11th Report

Sustainability November 20th Report

Sustainability October 30th Report

Sustainability October 9th Report

Health & Safety

Chair: Grace Nasr (

The Health & Safety Commission works to enhance student mental, physical, and emotional wellness and safety on campus. Three primary areas of focus include: mental health, sexual assault awareness, and physical safety, and the commission works closely with the Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS), Wolverine Wellness, and the Division of Public Safety and Security (DPSS), among other UM departments and divisions.

Health & Safety February 19th Report

Health & Safety January 29th Report

Health & Safety December 11th Report

Health & Safety November 20th Report

Health & Safety October 30th Report

Health & Safety October 9th Report


Chair: Megan Van Ermen (

The Infrastructure Commission (formerly known as the Campus Improvement Commission) works to enhance the physical and organizational structures on our campus. Three primary areas of focus include: access and resources for students with disabilities, campus transportation, and facilities/housing.

Infrastructure February 19th Report

Infrastructure January 29th Report

Infrastructure December 11th Report

Infrastructure November 20th Report

Infrastructure October 30th Report

Infrastructure October 9th Report

Campus Life

Chair: Olivia Luciani (

The Campus Life Commission (formerly known as the Student Engagement Commission) holistically focuses on the student experience, zeroing on two specific areas: academic affairs and student engagement. With regards to the former, the commission works to enhance academic policy, connects with Information and Technology Services (ITS), and collaborates on other initiatives affecting the academic experience of students. Regarding student engagement, the Commission will work to enhance the Michigan experience of non-traditional, international, transfer, and graduate students through programming and other relevant policy work.

Transfer Student Resources: Advocates for current transfer students and to improve the transition process for future transfer students. We hope to build a transfer student community on campus and use our experience to help others.

Campus Life February 19th Report

Campus Life January 29th Report

Campus Life December 11th Report

Campus Life November 20th Report

Campus Life October 30th Report

Campus Life October 9th Report

Diversity & Inclusion

Chair: Ayah Issa (

The Diversity & Inclusion Commission works to foster a campus environment in which every student, regardless of their background, feels welcomed, heard, and included in the greater Michigan community and has the ability to reach their full potential at the university.

Diversity & Inclusion February 19th Report

Diversity & Inclusion January 29th Report

Diversity & Inclusion December 11th Report

Diversity & Inclusion November 20th Report

Diversity & Inclusion October 30th Report

Diversity & Inclusion October 9th Report

Community & Outreach

Chair: Julia Weigand (

The Community and Outreach Commission (formerly known as the External Relations Commission) unites the University of Michigan with the Ann Arbor and Michigan state governments, and surrounding townships and cities. Three primary areas of focus include: voter registration drives/ student civic engagement, engagement with the city of Detroit, and off-campus initiatives, including an initiative to improve off-campus neighborhood lighting.

Community & Outreach February 19th Report

Community & Outreach January 29th Report

Community & Outreach December 11th Report

Community & Outreach November 20th Report

Community & Outreach October 30th Report

Community & Outreach October 9th Report

Bicentennial Planning Commission

Chair: Aaron Cahen (

The Bicentennial Commission, will direct CSG’s efforts and contributions toward the University’s Bicentennial celebration, which will run during the 2017 calendar year.

Bicentennial February 19th Report

Bicentennial January 29th Report

Bicentennial December 11th Report

Bicentennial November 20th Report

Bicentennial October 30th Report

Bicentennial October 9th Report

Wolverine Consulting Group

Co-Chair: Vineet Chandra (

Co-Chair: Sarah Twinney (

The Wolverine Consulting Group Commission provides consulting services for student organizations on campus. By working constructively with student organizations, they will aid these groups in achieving their full potential. The consultants will work closely with the leaders of student organizations to understand problem areas, offer solutions, and oversee the implementation of appropriate changes. The Commission shall offer consulting services in three main areas: Finance, Leadership and Organizational Structure, and Marketing/Brand Management.

WCG February 19th Report

WCG January 29th Report

WCG December 11th Report

WCG November 20th Report

WCG October 30th Report

WCG October 9th Report