President: Daniel Greene

Daniel Greene- President 2Daniel Greene is a senior in the Ford School of Public Policy concentrating in legal and political empowerment alongside an LSA minor in writing. Daniel is passionate about elevating and empowering student voice and innovation. His highest priority is building a more inclusive campus for both visible and invisible identities.  In addition, Daniel seeks to improve student resources, promote a campus culture of consent, de-stigmatize mental illness, amongst many other projects.  Daniel firmly believes solutions to campus issues lay not exclusively in the CSG chambers, but amongst the brilliant, passionate students that comprise our campus, and he hopes to improve CSG’s visibility, transparency, and responsiveness through regular town halls, office hours, targeted student organization outreach, and a liaison program. Outside of CSG, you may know Daniel from LSA Student Government, Campus Day, LSA Honor Council, Wolverine Support Network, or Greek Life. Daniel prioritizes student input, so if you see him around campus, be sure to introduce yourself!


Vice President: Isabel Baer

8C9A9554.jpgIsabel Baer is a Junior is the school of Literature Science and Arts studying Political Science and History. Isabel sees Central Student Government as a critical resource for student organizations and is determined to increase student collaboration within CSG. She is passionate about sexual assault prevention, women’s empowerment and creating the most diverse campus experience for every student. Isabel is most excited about a CSG liaison program because she sees this as the most effective way for student organizations to have their voices heard in the CSG Chambers. Over the past two years Isabel has been involved in Wolverine Support Network, Hillel and Greek Life. If you see Isabel walking on the Diag please stop and introduce yourself!



Speaker of the Assembly: Austin Glass

Austin-Glass_SpeakerAustin Glass is a second-year PhD student in the Rackham Graduate School, studying Space Science and Engineering. Austin believes that CSG serves two critically important roles for UM students: funding and advocacy. As Speaker of the Assembly, the legislative body in CSG responsible for appropriating student fees, Austin will work with the Executive Team and the Assembly Representatives to grant funding to student organizations that impact traditionally disadvantaged groups; Austin hopes that his efforts in this area will increase the inclusivity of campus and make an impact toward the goal of equality for all. Austin believes that advocacy is another important responsibility of CSG, and he hopes to work with the Assembly and folks across campus to prioritize advocacy efforts on issues important to students, so if you see him around North Campus feel free to say hello and strike up a conversation about what matters to you!



Treasurer: Niccolo Beltramo

Niccolo is a senior in LS&A studying History and Economics alongside dual minors in Photo0231Mathematics and German. He believes the CSG is an incredibly valuable resource, not only for students but for student organizations as well. As Treasurer, Niccolo is excited to use his role to help focus CSG’s efforts to best advocate for students across campus by making the most of their student fees and ensuring responsible stewardship of the resources entrusted to CSG. He is passionate about expanding opportunities for student organizations to receive support and funding through CSG, something that he developed expertise and perspective on both from his role with the Student Organization Funding Commission in previous years as well as from his own experiences running student organizations on campus. If you happen to see Niccolo around campus, feel free to stop and introduce yourself or to strike up a conversation about what you are looking for from your student government!



Chief of Staff: Saveri Nandigama

Sav_LawQuad_Pic (1)

Saveri Nandigama is a sophomore in the College of LSA, majoring in Philosophy and minoring in Religion. Sav is excited to be working with those in Central Student Government and on campus to create a lasting positive impact at Michigan.  This year in working with executive commissions, Sav is excited to enhance the campus climate through dialogues around mental health and campus inclusivity. Beyond Central Student Government, Sav is also involved with Blueprints For Pangaea, as well as South Asian Awareness Network. She is especially excited to act as a resource for students, so please feel free to email her or grab coffee if you ever want to chat!


Student General Counsel: Thaddaeus Gregory
Contact: Gregory CSG Website Photo

Thaddaeus Gregory is a 3L at University of Michigan Law School, hailing from Seattle, Washington. He received his B.A. from Carleton College in Northfield, Minnesota and majored in Sociology/Anthropology. He additionally played on Carleton’s baseball team and was a member of the school’s jazz band. Prior to attending law school, Thaddaeus worked as a campaign manager for a successful judicial campaign and as a youth baseball coach. After law school, he intends to practice land use, real estate, and environmental law in Seattle. Having served as Student General Counsel in the previous administration, Thaddaeus provides continuity between the two administrations. This year, Thaddaeus hopes to help amend the Elections Code to make it easier to understand and more readily available to all University of Michigan students. Additionally, he will be available to the CSG assembly to provide legal insight regarding the constitutionality and legality of proposed resolutions, CSG publications, and various other communicative materials. If you see him around the law school, make sure to say hi!


Chief Programming Officer: Evelyn Winter 

Headshot (1)

Evelyn Winter is a sophomore in LSA studying political science. She believes CSG is a valuable resource to students by providing funding to student organizations, as well as advocating on behalf of students. She is particularly passionate about campus affordability, campus safety, and encouraging students to innovate. Evelyn is excited to bring back regular town halls as a means for students to voice their concerns and speak with the students that represent them. Outside of CSG, she has been involved in a social comparison lab researching one-upmanship, as well as the Residential College. If you see her around campus (especially Pizza House), be sure to say hi!




Chief Operating Officer: Sanjee Choudhuri

Organizational Studies, September 14, 2018

Sanjee is a senior majoring in Electrical Engineering and minoring in Moral & Political Philosophy. Sanjee is passionate about empowering, educating, and connecting communities and wants to use his position as COO to create new channels of communication for student organizations to encourage and facilitate open dialogue. He is passionate about emotional wellness, mindfulness, and sustainable growth while still emphasizing urgency and efficiency. Beyond CSG, Sanjee is also the Co-President of FunKtion, University of Michigan’s only all-male urban hip hop dance team. Don’t hesitate to talk to him whether you have great ideas for communication, or you’re just
looking for someone to dance with!




Executive Diversity Officer: Lloyd Lyons 
Contact: IMG_5699

Lloyd Lyons is a senior in the School of Public Health concentrating in community action and global health with a minor in Intergroup Relations (IGR). Lloyd has seen CSG as a platform to enhance and empower marginalized communities and voices all across campus and within the structure of the university. His highest priority is to help create and implement the student DE+I strategic plan, a plan in which would elevate the voices of students on campus and create an inclusive campus. Lloyd’s work as a Diversity Peer Educator has given him the opportunity to work first hand with bias incidents and rebuilding communities harmed from a first hand experience. His work this year will also focus on the revamping of community town halls and a diversity summit for the university students and organizations. Lloyd is also the program manager for the CSG Airbus program that provides transportation to and from the airport. Outside of CSG you can find Lloyd socializing in his residence hall, hanging out with friends or drinking his coffee. Do not hesitate to reach out to Lloyd about any concerns as hearing from his peers will be a large part of his role in CSG.



Communications Director: Lydia Barry
Contact: lydiakb@umich.eduScreen Shot 2018-09-26 at 2.37.53 PM

Lydia is a senior in the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts, where she majors in Political Science and Sociology. She hails from Palo Alto, California, where she grew to greatly misunderstand what the word “winter” meant. Last year, she served as a representative on Central Student Government and was a member of the Communications Committee. She is also a member of the Sigma Delta Tau sorority. In her free time, she loves to dance and is the co-president of EnCore, a multi-cultural hip-hop dance group. Hilariously, she actually applied for this exact position before she even got to campus her freshmen year knowing absolutely nothing about communications or CSG. She did not get the position. Lydia wants to work towards a campus where each and every student feels like they have someone on their side who is willing to fight on their behalf, no matter how difficult it may be. Specifically, she hopes to increase student involvement in CSG through her communications work so that students know they have a place dedicated to helping them succeed.



Senior Policy Advisor: Sena Adjei 


Sena Adjei is a senior in the school of Literature, Science and the Arts majoring in Political Science and Economics, with a minor in Africana Studies and a transfer student from Hampton University. Sena believes that Central Student Government as a means for representing and supporting even the smallest groups on campus is an invaluable resource, and hopes to use his position to create a broader campus dialogue. Through his work in a number of student organizations and through his experience and perspective as a transfer student, Sena seeks to find new and innovative ways to use CSG as a more empathetic, effective, and safe space for students of any identity, affinity or background. Beyond his work as Senior Policy Advisor you can find Sena at the weekly meetings of the Black Student Union, volunteering with the Heidelberg Project, or working alongside his fraternity around campus– Don’t be afraid to come say hello!




Senior Policy Advisor: Yolanda Marti 
Contact: Meeeee (1)

Yolanda Marti is a junior in the school of Literature, Science, and the Arts studying Political Science. Yolanda is dedicated to improving the campus climate here at the University of Michigan.  She plans on bringing her outside knowledge to CSG in order to ensure that the student body is properly informed on how to report campus climate concerns, and how to stay updated after reporting.  Yolanda believes the more that students can get involved and be proactive on campus, the better Central Student Government can support them.  She plans on focusing on intentional outreach to ensure that CSG is meeting the needs of the student body when they need it most.  Outside of CSG, you may recognize Yolanda from her involvement with the NAACP, the Kappa Alpha Pi Pre-Law Fraternity, Resstaff, or Expect Respect!  Yolanda loves to meet new people, and encourages you to say hey if you see her around campus!



HeadshotSenior Policy Advisor: Daniel Roth

Daniel Roth is a senior in the school of Literature Science and Arts majoring in Political Science and minoring in Creative Writing. Daniel is passionate about using CSG’s platform to elevate the voice of students and working on long term solutions to interconnected issues. Daniel is especially passionate about campus affordability and mental health. Daniel believes that campus issues must be tackled through collaborative coalition building and the recognition of overlap between various policy issues. Outside of CSG, Daniel is involved in Fraternity/Sorority Life, Wolverine Support Network, Michigan Telefund, and the Michigan Journal of Political Science. If you see Daniel walking around campus (even if he’s wearing headphones), stop him and say hi!



Co-Deputy Communications Director: Sabeen Khan 
Contact: IMG_2252 (1)

Sabeen Khan is a sophomore from New York in Ross studying business. She believes that Central Student Government is an essential resource for students and accomplishes great things that a can go unnoticed by the campus. She strives to create a transparent community in which CSG is able to communicate well with its students.  She wants students to feel included and informed and is excited to do so in her role as Co-Deputy Communications director. She has been in CSG for the past year as both an intern and a representative and has many communications roles on campus in consulting groups, tech and media startups as well as in gender equality organizations. She is so excited to continue her work in CSG!



Co-Deputy Communications Director: Alex Johnson 
Contact: ajjohns@umich.edu9A872A6C-F593-4FB2-B409-5CE671BC081D 

Alex Johnson is a sophomore in the college of LSA, double majoring in Communication Studies and Political Science. His strongest focus for this year is enhancing ways in which students can interact with CSG, whether that be through new platforms, re-imagined formats, or in an entirely new setting. He is excited to continue that work he started last year through creating the first CSG podcast. Outside of CSG, he works closely with the LSA Opportunity Hub as a communications intern to help LSA undergraduate students become more knowledgeable and connected with all of the resources offered to them. If you ever want to talk to Alex about something, shoot him an email to set
up a time for coffee or stop him if you seem him on campus!



Policy Advisor: Aidan Sova 


Aidan Sova is a sophomore studying Communications at the University of Michigan. He is a member of the Global Scholars Program and works as a communications intern for the University of Michigan Football team. Aidan is new to campus, but is greatly looking forward to collaborating with the university’s Central Student Government as a Policy Advisor. As Associate Director of ABTS, he is responsible for fostering effective communication among the BIG student governments and ensuring that student leaders are engaging with one another to enhance their university experiences. Feel free to message him with all things B1G!



Policy Advisor: Jack Eichner 

IMG_1806 (1).PNG

Jack Eichner is a sophomore in LS&A studying History. He sees CSG as absolutely critical to the well-being of the student body. He is eager to get to work on increasing awareness of the important responsibility that CSG has to its students, promoting collaboration between CSG and the City of Ann Arbor, and expanding academic and mental health resources to students. Last year, Jack volunteered with the Detroit Partnership and was a member of the Michigan Foreign Policy Council, and he has been involved in political campaigns since high school. In his free time, Jack enjoys hanging out with friends, binging Netflix shows, and procrastinating homework. Jack is always interested to hear from people outside of CSG, so don’t hesitate to come say hi and start a conversation if you see him!




Deputy Executive Diversity Officer: Sehrish Hussain

Sehrish Hussain is a freshman in the Stamps School of Art
and Design and Ross School ofUNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_1122 Business. Sehrish’s drive to highlight the plethora of voices across campus led her to obtain the Deputy Executive Diversity Officer position. Her ability to dissipate the barriers between people of different backgrounds makes it easy for her to cultivate a culture of inclusivity. Her work on a case competition focused on improving the IDO (Inclusive, Diversity of Organization) program for Ross students has helped her understand the difficulties when it comes to instilling the importance of inclusivity. More than prioritizing diversity on campus, she feels as if it is necessary for representation of underrepresented minorities be a part of the CSG dialogue. Outside of CSG, you can find Sehrish working in the art studios on North campus, at an OptiMize workshop, occasionally working out with her Chaarg fitness group, or mingling at the Muslim Students Association events