President: Benjamin Gerstein


Ben Gerstein is a sophomore in the Ford School of Public Policy, alongside an LSA minor in the DAAS Department. Ben is passionate about making CSG more accessible to students, and enhancing the way through which CSG and University resources impact every student’s Michigan experience. His most salient priority as President is inclusivity; ensuring that marginalized voices at the University of Michigan are not only heard, but recognized for their truth. Further, Ben hopes to work on projects conducive to an enhanced student experience; such as, limiting barriers to academic success, making Michigan a more sustainable campus, and expanding the race and ethnicity requirement to create a more wholesome and valuable academic experience across all schools and colleges. Ben also understands that CSG does not hold all the answers for how to better the Michigan experience, and looks forward to proactively seeking student feedback and input on the work his Administration does. Outside of CSG, Ben has worked for 3 years as an overnight camp counselor, where he has worked to build creative programming that is both engaging and informative. His time at camp–leading an age group of around 50 campers and managing programming for 200–has helped develop both his leadership and problem-solving skills. He is an avid fan of sports; a die-hard Chicago Bears and Chicago Cubs fan. Ben is passionate about connecting with students on campus, so if you see him, be sure to stop him and say hello!

Vice President: Isabelle Blanchard


Isabelle Blanchard is a junior in LSA double majoring in Biomolecular Science and Computer Science. She is especially passionate about giving back to the Michigan community and connecting with students to provide equitable opportunities on campus. Isabelle hopes to increase awareness of the existing resources on campus through a comprehensive resource guide available to students in both physical and online forms, while also working on implementing new resources based on conversations with students. Isabelle believes the most important step to accomplishing the mission of CSG is to reach out to and meet with students to discuss their experience on campus, both issues and passions. She plans to reach out to various student orgs, offices on campus, as well as individuals in the coming year and hopes that you’ll introduce yourself if you see her on campus. Outside of student government, Isabelle is a member of Salto Dance Company, volunteers at the University of Michigan Hospital through the HOPE Ambassador program, and you can always find her at Sweeting on South U where she works.

Speaker of the Assembly: Whit Froehlich