What does the Central Student Government do?
The CSG strives to provide valuable services, programs, and events to students at the University of Michigan. Each subunit of the CSG is tasked with specific purposes.

The Student Assembly, within the legislative branch, serves to collectively represent the student voice at the University and to make decisions for the organization in a deliberative manner. The Executive Branch serves to execute campaigns and services that make student life better in various ways. Campaigns are often facilitated through one of about twenty commissions. The Central Student Judiciary is designed to serve as a body to adjudicate any disputes that may arise between the CSG, students, student organizations, or a combination thereof.

Here are some examples of what the CSG does:

  • Allocates $400,000+ every year in funding for student organizations
  • Transports hundreds of students to and from Detroit Metro Airport during breaks
  • Serves as a representative sample of all students on campus, including undergraduates, graduates, and professional students
  • Leads initiatives that positively change campus
  • Produces engaging, purpose-driven events for the University community
  • Provides leadership opportunities for passionate students
  • Engages the University administration on issues relevant to students
  • Facilitates appointments to University committees
  • Handles disputes between student organizations

How can I become involved in the CSG?
There are numerous opportunities to get involved. To get started, check out our Get Involved! page.

Where can I find information about who represents me in the CSG?
There are representatives elected to the Student Assembly to represent each of the University’s schools and colleges. You can find out who represents you on the Representatives page.

How is the CSG funded?
The Central Student Government is funded directly by the student body through a student government fee each semester. This fee is set by the University’s Board of Regents and is currently $9.19. Of this fee, $1.37 goes directly to providing additional funding to a childcare subsidy. The remainder is budgeted to support student organizations as well as the programs and operations of the CSG.
Are the CSG Executive officers paid?
The Central Student Government does not compensate any of its elected or appointed officers, representatives, chairs or any other voluntary positions. We have a small paid staff which consists of a full-time Program Manager, a part-time accountant, and students who work part-time as office assistants to facilitate the operations of the office during normal business hours. We also hire an Election Director to manage the elections each semester. This position is available during each election period for students to apply to. The compensation is usually set between $300 and $500.

Central Student Government office staff:

– Jim Hoppes, Program Manager/Advisor

– Nick Gilbert, Graduate Intern

– Alex Johnson, Front Office Staff

– Kaitlin VanderYacht, Front Office Staff

– Arlyn Reed, Front Office Staff