During the Spring and Summer terms of the University, the funding operations of the Central Student Government are condensed into, and operate as, the Summer Assembly.

Student Organizations requesting funding will fill out the funding application (below) and present their request in a ten minute allotment (presenters need not be students) during the first meeting of the Summer Assembly after submission of their request (see dates, times, and location for these meetings in the graphic, above). This time can be extended, if needed, and taking up less than the full allotment will not negatively impact a request.

After hearing all funding requests, the Summer Assembly will convene in a closed session to decide what groups receive funding and the amount awarded. Closed session deliberations are not included in the minutes of the Summer Assembly.

Summer Assembly Funding Application

(The Summer Assembly will not consider or pass any legislation, including but not limited to amendments to the Constitution, amendments to the Compiled Code, or amendments to the Operating Procedures of the Assembly. The Summer Assembly shall have the sole authority to disburse funds only to Student Organizations recognized by the University.)