Get Involved!

There are many different ways to get your voice heard in Central Student Government at the University of Michigan. Formal elections for Assembly Representatives takes place in both the Fall and Winter semester with the elections of President and Vice President taking place in Winter Semester. Even outside election season, there are still many ways to get involved!

Join the Executive Team

Central Student Government’s executive team applications are available now!

Join an Executive Commission or Task Force

Every year the Central Student Government establishes executive commissions and task forces to address student issues on campus. Commissions are a great way to focus on a specific policy area and to experience the policy formulation process at the University of Michigan. Time commitment will vary by commission / task force. Applications will be available soon, check back for more information.

Become an Ex-Officio Member of the Assembly

The Assembly, the main legislative body of Central Student Government, has five seats set aside for:

  • First Year Undergraduate Student
  • First Year Graduate Student
  • Non-Traditional Student
  • International Student
  • Transfer Student

These seats can be filled by anyone fitting into one of those categories. Ex officio Representatives have the same responsibilities and rights of elected Representatives except the right to vote. Ex officio Representatives will propose and participate in debate on all resolutions at weekly CSG Assembly meetings on Tuesdays at 7:30 p.m. and attend and contribute to weekly committee/commission meetings, and will be individuals charged with amplifying the student population they represent. Seats will be filled by appointment by the CSG President and confirmation by the Assembly. The applications will be available soon. For more information, email

Join the Student Organization Funding Committee (SOFC)

The Student Organization Funding Committee (SOFC) serves as the primary funding body for student organizations at the University of Michigan. SOFC is dedicated to enriching Michigan’s student life by awarding more than $600,000 to over 300 student organizations every academic year. SOFC funds a wide variety of events across multiples colleges on campus. Students who wish to join SOFC’s team should visit for further details on the recruitment process.If you have any questions, please visit our Committee Chairs in office hours (times listed on our website) or email us at We look forward to your application and shared commitment to our campus community.

Work as an Executive Intern

Interested in seeing the work behind CSG’s Executive Team? Apply to be an intern, and the CSG Executive Team will pair you with one of its members for the semester. Interns will be charged with a variety of tasks, depending on the Executive Committee member they are working with. Interns will be a part of crafting different CSG policies and working on initiatives, as well as attending meetings with key administrators.

Work with the Assembly

If you are passionate about a particular issue, work with the Assembly to have your voice heard.

  • Community Concerns – Assembly meetings take place on Tuesday nights during Fall and Winter semester, this is an excellent place to voice their opinions during Community Concerns. Sign up for a slot online and talk directly to the CSG executive team and the Assembly at the meeting.
  • Writing a resolution – Is there something you’d like to see addressed on campus? Work with your CSG Representatives to craft a resolution to start the conversation. Community Concerns is a great place to start!

If you are looking for other ways to get involved, or you are just not sure of where you might want to help, email and we’ll help you find your place in Central Student Government.