Central Student Government Encourages Regents to Approve Reinstatement of Bylaw 7.01

With the unanimous support of the 43 representatives present, the Central Student Government Assembly approved a resolution encouraging the Board of Regents of the University of Michigan to reinstate Bylaw 7.01 at its September meeting. This language, which was removed in February 2011, highlights the importance of student participation in University decision-making. Last year’s CSG administration, under the leadership of President Charlton, worked tirelessly to reintroduce this Bylaw. Their efforts made this vote possible.

The revision, if approved, would read as follows:

“Student participation in University decision-making is important to the quality of the institution and will be sought and encouraged. The Vice President for Student Life will assist students in promoting the establishment of effective mechanisms for such student participation. The University is best served when it considers the impacts of decisions on the student body.”

CSG President David Schafer said that this Bylaw creates a strong foundation on which more specific policies and mechanisms to ensure for student participation can be built. President Schafer noted, “I appreciate the Regents’ consideration of the recently proposed Bylaw. This language reaffirms the importance of student engagement and participation in University decision-making. Pending its approval, I look forward to working with the Regents and UM administrators to advance measures that match the spirit of Bylaw 7.01.”
The Regents will vote on the addition of Bylaw 7.01 at their meeting on Thursday, September 15th at 3pm, in the Michigan Union.