Letter from the President

Fellow Wolverines,

I would like to welcome you back to the University of Michigan for what will surely be another exciting and uplifting year! I am David Schafer, and it is my honor to serve as your Student Body President for the 2016-2017 Academic Year. This year is an historic one, as we are set to begin celebrating our University’s 200th birthday this January.

For me, my Michigan experience truly took off when I get more involved on campus. Ultimately, I found a home in Central Student Government (CSG), which gave me the opportunity to serve our campus. I wish for all of you to find and grow your passions here at Michigan; to drive discovery and work to realize a more just, inclusive, and fair tomorrow.

Just a little background on CSG: we are the primary student government on campus, as we represent every student on campus – undergraduate, graduate, and professional. We serve as the chief advocates of the student body, advancing policies that enrich and enhance the lives and experiences of all Wolverines. From joining an Executive Commission on any number of pressing student concerns to serving as an intern to a member of the Executive Committee, such as President or Communications Director, there are many ways to get involved in CSG. We hope that you will explore the website, join our wonderful organization, and work to improve our campus during your time here at Michigan.

Forever Go Blue!

David Schafer

Student Body President, Central Student Government